Research Summary

My two main areas of research are language contact (what happens when speakers of multiple languages meet and influence each other) and language acquisition (how speakers acquire languages in naturalistic and educational contexts). My current work focuses on describing and explaining dialectal variation, especially in the lexicon.

In terms of methodologies, I generally take a variationist and cognitivist approach to the work that I do, and I enjoy experimenting with other quantitative methods such as dialectometry. In any case, I believe that all methods of linguistic inquiry are valid and I’m always looking to collaborate with and learn from others in new, interdisciplinary ways.

While much of my research and training relates to Spanish, I am also especially interested in contributing to scholarship on several minoritized languages and dialects: (Balearic) Catalan, Aranese, Quechua, and various Mayan languages.

My other research interests include (critical) discourse analysis, language policy, and historical linguistics.


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